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Adolf Richard Fleischmann

Adolf Richard Fleischmann

Esslingen 1892 -
Stuttgart 1968

From 1908 to 1911 Adolf Fleischmann studied at the 'Königliche Kunstgewerbeschule' in Stuttgart, followed by two years at the 'Königliche Kunstakademie', where he studied under Adolf Hölzel and others. Afterwards, Fleischmann accepted a job at the 'Werkstätte für grafische Kunst' in Stuttgart. In 1917 Adolf Fleischmann was employed as scientific draftsman at the 'Kantonsspital' in Zurich. During this time he prduced academic works. During the 1920s the artist increasingly turned towards Abstraction. In 1928 the painter contributed to the 'Juryfreie Ausstellungen' in Stuttgart and Berlin. During the subsequent five years the artist lived in Berlin, Hamburg, Ascona, Paris and in the Ticino region. In 1936 he produced a series of constuctive-geometrical collages. After these, Fleischmann turned away from strict geometry in 1937 increasingly focusing on abstract painting marked by organic forms. During a two year sojourn in Paris starting in 1948, Fleischmann joined the 'L'Equipe' group. He earned his living by designing fabrics, posters and wallpapers. Between 1940 and 1945 Fleischmann lived in Southern France, where he was interned several times during this period. After a renewed short period of geometrical image language around 1943, Fleischmann turned to a sweeping linear painting style in 1946, when he joined the 'Réalités Nouvelles' and co-founded the group 'Espace'. His first solo exhibition took place at the Paris Creuze gallery in 1948. In the beginning of Fleischmann's late work from 1950 there were rhythmically grouped stripes tied in narrow angles. In 1952 the artist left Europe and moved to New York for ten years, where he worked as a scientific drawer at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at the Columbia University in New York. In 1965 he returned to Germany, where Fleischmann spent the last years of his life in Stuttgart. In 1973 a first large retrospective was shown at the museum in Ulm.

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